Black Swan Makeup

Black Swan Makeup

So you’ve seen the movie, and now you want the look. Regardless of if it’s Halloween and you need a costume, or just to stand out on a night out on the town, Natalie Portman’s look in the Black Swan really is unique and memorable. So, sit back, we’re going to show you how to apply the Black Swan makeup yourself, the same way that Hollywood makeup artists do. You will soon be sporting that unique, Hollywood quality look, and for only pennies. There’s a full tutorial below.

When director Darren Aronofsky wanted the best in the makeup world for his film, he promptly hired renowned makeup artists Margie Durand and Judy Chin. As they drew there inspiration from not only the story and the characters themselves, they also even got some inspiration from the set that they were shooting on. In fact, that’s where the little silver strands that flow along the swan’s faces came from.

They had a few key factors to keep in mind, for one the makeup must stay on for long periods of time, and under the hot movie lights, and most importantly, all of this while the actors are dancing across the stage. They needed to mix a few different types of makeup together in order to get a makeup that is resistant to both smudges as well as sweat.

To achieve this, they mixed a sealant with MAC Cosmetics silver pigment to make a water resistant makeup. They then used this mixture to draw the above mentioned silver strands on the swans.

The Official Makeup Used

Now you can either substitute your own makeup choices to mimic the black swan makeup, or you can buy the exact same cosmetics that were used in the film. While the choice is yours, we figured we would at least provide you with the exact same list of cosmetics that were used in the movie, so that you can find them if you really want to do it “by the book”.

Use a white cream highlight to get a pale white foundation for both the cheeks and forehead. For your eyes, use MAC Chromaline in black, then MAC silver pigment for the silver strands. Line your lips with some “vino” color MAC lip pencil, then cover that with some of the “dubonnet” shade of MAC lipstick. And finally, create the under eye shading with a thin line of red MAC Chromaline.

Full Black Swan Makeup Tutorial

Ok, here’s how to apply the Black Swan makeup in step by step detail, so you’ll get that professional look from the film.

Start by drawing a line from the top of your eyebrow down to around the middle of your nose. (Ideally use the “Blacktrack“ shade from MAC‘s Fluidline)

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial

Then draw the lines from where you left off on your nose to the corner of your eyes.

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 2

Then continue along under your eyes, as well as over your eyebrows, taking care to leave the end of the mask open.

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 3

Thicken up the lines (Ideal makeup: MAC Chromaline in black).

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 4

Create the red shading under your lower eyes (Ideal makeup: MAC Chromaline in red)

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 5

Now just fill in your mask with any cyan color (Ideal makeup: MAC Chromaline in cyan)

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 6

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To give your mask it’s shine, either apply any sparkle cream or powder over the layer of cyan, taking care not to smudge your progress so far. Or gently apply silver pigment over the cyan. (Ideal makeup: MAC silver pigment )

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 7

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Now create the flowing lines along your mask and be sure you fill in both of the lines that cross your eyelash lines.  (Ideal makeup: Black MAC Chromaline)

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 8

Give your cheekbones a slight shade of blush (Ideal makeup: MAC Powder Blush, Pink).

Highlight your cheekbones with a little silver dust. (Ideal makeup: MAC Powder Blush, Silver Dust).

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 9

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Line your lips with a dark purple or “wine” shade of lip pencil (Ideal makeup: MAC lip pencil, color “vino”).

Then, simply cover that with a shade or two lighter lipstick. (Ideal makeup: MAC lipstick, “dubonnet” color).

Black Swan Makeup Tutorial 10

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And that’s all there is to it, go out and enjoy your fabulous new look!